Provides benefits for most types of medical expenses

Major Medical Insurance provides benefits for most types of medical expenses, such as doctor’s visits and hospital stays. There are typically deductibles (an amount that must be paid by the policy holder prior to any benefits being paid) and co-pays (a set amount paid by the policy holder for each claim.) So, as an example, a policy may have a $1000 deductible and a 20% co-pay. In this case, a policyholder would pay in full the first $1000 in medical expenses incurred. Once the deductible was paid, the policyholder would then pay 20% of any additional covered expenses, with the insurance policy paying the remaining 80%.

There are many different ways that a major medical policy can be structured to meet individual needs. Our agents can help you determine which type of policy will work best for your situation.  Contact us today for a personal evaluation.

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