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The first step in purchasing a life insurance policy is thinking carefully about what your needs are and matching a type of policy to those needs. Things to consider include:

“Do I need life insurance for a certain period, or do I want it to stay in effect throughout my life?”
“Am I only interested in leaving money for my survivors, or do I want to build cash value I can use during my lifetime?”
“Will the amount of life insurance I need stay constant, or will the amount needed change over time?”

These are just a few of the questions you should be considering when making a life insurance decision. Our agents are here to help you determine what your needs are and what type of policy will best meet those needs.

Pick a Policy That Fits Your Budget

Once you have determined the type of policy that will best fit your needs, it is important that
you select a product that will work within your budget. Because our agents represent numerous insurance companies, we are able to help you select a policy that will meet your needs and that you can afford.

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“I use Power House insurance often.”

 Ansell C.

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Orin U.

“It’s just amazing. I wish I would have thought of it first. Really good. I was amazed at the quality of Power House insurance.”

Hassan T.

“Power House insurance is worth much more than I paid.”


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One of our specially-trained agents will be happy to work with you to develop an individual plan that takes in to account your needs and budget. You may either fill out the “Get a Quote” form, or click here to let us know when you would like an agent to get in touch with you.